Where It All Began

I fell madly, deeply in love with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura Ca in the early 1980's.There was so much beauty and magic there, as well as the amazing talent... Mark Lewis the storyteller, Reduced Shakespeare, Indus Arthur,  Patrick Ball, Chris Caswell, Billy Scudder, just to name a few! Little did I know that my music career was about to be born!
These 2 people are especially dear to my heart...Alwyn was a tarot reader in the Witches Wood (also a talented songwriter and extraordinary perfumer!) who was my first friend there,  and James Hendricks is an amazing musician who appears on my Songs From The Witches Wood recording. He now heads up the Briton Ensemble, an acapella ensemble based in Los Angeles. I had no idea this photo existed until yesterday! Such an amazing glimpse into the past!