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The Kitchen Table Archives goes International! 

I am delighted that I am getting orders from all over the world! So far I have shipped to Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Canada, Ireland, England and Mexico!  Thank you all for your support! I hope I can add even more countries to the list in the near future! I wonder where the next one will go? Maybe Australia? Maybe Bulgaria? Hmmm... the possibilities are inspiring!

The "back story" or "why it took so long"  

It all began over 30 years ago with my friend Hans and I sitting in his tiny kitchen in Santa Barbara, singing the songs of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn and other great singers/songwriters of that era. Then over the years we would sit at some kitchen table SOMEWHERE on planet Earth from Stockholm to the Russian River, and each time we would joke about how we should record the collection of songs. Then kd lang beat us to the punch with Hymn's from the 49th parallel, and we knew we had to make…Read more

Where It All Began 

I fell madly, deeply in love with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Agoura Ca in the early 1980's.There was so much beauty and magic there, as well as the amazing talent... Mark Lewis the storyteller, Reduced Shakespeare, Indus Arthur,  Patrick Ball, Chris Caswell, Billy Scudder, just to name a few! Little did I know that my music career was about to be born!
These 2 people are especially dear to my heart...Alwyn was a tarot reader in the Witches Wood (also a talented songwriter and extraordinary perfumer!)…Read more

Extraordinary footage of a very young Joni Mitchell 

listen to the very end, there is a sweet duet that reminds me of my years at the Renaissance Faire! I wonder if Oscar Brand had any iea who he was sharing the stage with!!

The Kitchen Table Archives is coming down the home stretch 

Its been six years in the making and I almost died in the middle of it, but all I need to do now is licensing and artwork. Soon soon.
The Kitchen table Archives is a collection of music from Canada's greatest singer/songwriters of the 1960's and 70's. I have loved this music and in many instances it is the music that propelled me toward writing my own. This recording is co-produced with Hans Betzholtz, a dear friend and excellent producer and guitarist.
Stay tuned!

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